Dragon Ball Legends Tips to Earn Chrono Crystal

23 Aug

In this post, we will update you with some tips and cheats that will be beneficial in Dragon Ball Legends to get Chrono Crystals or win battles. The game is quite captivating and requires some special moves. Follow the article and know our handpicked legit cheats for for dragon ball legends.

Know your elements

Knowing the elements are the prime task of the game before you start any kind of battle. There are five elements in the game, and you should know the hierarchy of them. Always choose heroes of higher elements than your enemy to gain the benefit in the match. 

Clear chapters in story mode

Another of the different essential ways in which you can gain Chrono crystal is by cleaning up more and more sections in the narrative phase. By using unique capabilities and frequently changing heroes to complete a chapter in the sequential mode, you can readily gain Chrono crystals.

Join the PvP season

You will receive countless benefits by finishing every battle in the PvP matches. You can also get the opportunity to get a Chrono crystal among the various benefits provided in the PvP class fights. Once you achieve the PvP season's bottom rank, you will get enough chrono crystals for at least ten appointments.

Upgrade Level

Upgrading the levels in Dragon Ball Legends gives you plenty of Chrono crystal. It is a great way to earn something extra in the game. However, the levelling up process may become comfortable in the initial phase of the game, but at a later stage, it is more stringent.

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Finish more Mission

Similar to various quest modes in other game Dragon Ball Legends have missions to complete. These missions are specific tasks that give you some free goodies. The best thing in the game is you know the real objective of these missions, and once you complete them, you get assured gifts that include chrono crystals also. 

Daily login

Like many other games, the Dragon Ball Legends also gives you various gifts for becoming a consistent player. If you log in daily, then these gifts are open to you. In the beginning, the game gives you ten chrono crystals that are handy to make summons.

Daily tasks

Daily tasks are another excellent opportunity to get free elements in the game. Your assignments are specified in this job, and the rewards are also a considerable amount. Although you cannot depend on these tasks only as sometimes, they are quite harder, but once you get through, you win some extra freebies.

Upgrading characters

In the game, you cannot progress much with your best characters unless you improve them. There are various ways to enhance. Putting your Character in the game by exchanging EXP is one of the easiest ways. Other techniques include limit breaks, soul boost. You need not require chrono crystals for these. But the tip is not to speed up the process by spending an excess of these gems.  

Battle strategy

In the game, the battles are fought in the air, and you should have a specific approach to win the battles. Ki art cards are the ultimate power that you can use against the enemy. You will know that you can activate this power when your Character comes to a glow.

So that would be all for now regarding Dragon Ball Legends. Follow them and win the games continually with your super Saiyan.

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