Runescape – A Complete Currency Guide

27 Mar

Are you a game lover? Do you prefer playing fantasy MMORPG games? If yes, then it is advised to check out the option of RuneScape. This role playing game is really amazing, and we can spend a great time. We can also play such a game with friends as the players are allowed to join a clan. 

There are many different aspects which are important in the game, but currency stands on the top situation. Well, currencies are those items which can be used for several transactions in game. Check out the details regarding currency below.


Coins are the main currency of the entire game. In fact, this is known as the universal currency because these are utilized by grand exchanger. Also, the majority of NPC’s accepting coins. These can also be used for the player trading. If the player wants to play good, then it is significant to pay proper attention to the collection of coins.

Trading sticks

This another vital currency of the game and when it comes to the location of trading sticks, then it is Tai Bwo Wannai. With the help of this particular currency, the players can get the chance to sell and purchase the different items in several places. In addition to this, the players can also trade such type of currency for trading with other players. Thus, this is also a tradeable currency and rusty coins, Archery tickets, and Zemomarks are also some examples of tradeable currencies.

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Reward token 

This is an untradeable currency whose location is Gnome restaurant. Now if we talk about the use of this currency, then it is food delivery. If the players want to deliver food items, then this is the best option for them. Apart from this, there are also many more untradeable currencies such as Paramaya tickets, crunchy law tokens, and ecto-tokens.

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